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ROBERTS: Well, you know, you’ve heard over the last couple of weeks since they won the championship, how much the team means to the city, how it’s so much more than football. And you just heard Drew Brees say that this was for the city. But all of that is true.

MRO Shallow Radar instrument has provided this new information on the interior layers of ice, sand and dust that make up the north polar cap on Mars. The radar images reveal long, continuous layers stretching up to 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) with a flat border between the ice cap and the rocky Martian crust. On Earth, the weight of a similar stack of ice would cause the planet surface to sag.

Yesterday, policymakers got a chance to reemphasize the importance of the monitoring program after Alaska Mount Redoubt erupted overnight, sending five explosive bursts of ash and steam as far as nine miles into the air and shutting down many flights at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Geological Survey, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said during a telephone briefing. The work of the USGS and being able to monitor what was happening with Volcano Redoubt, we were able to actually forecast this event .

Chelsea fans, who will witness Conte’s alchemy at first hand next season, will have been watching with wet lips. “Right from the outset I’ve always said that the only route forward is to try and be a club,” he said. “A team that plays a league season.

You see, Mr. Woods, who himself showed us a thing or two about coveting, is no longer the golden boy for Nike. King James has succeeded to that position, and the conspiracy theory goes that now that he’s No. The Republican governor of Indiana signed into law a similar “religious freedom” bill on Thursday, prompting protests from human rights groups and criticism from some business leaders.The bill advancing in the Republican led Arkansas legislature says “governments should not substantially burden the free exercise of religion without compelling justification.”Supporters say a business should not be forced to, for example, cater a same sex wedding if doing so would violate the religious beliefs of the owner.Two of the most powerful companies in the United States, retailer Wal Mart Stores Inc, which has its home office in Arkansas, and technology giant Apple Inc have criticized the measure.”We feel this legislation is counter to this core basic belief of respect for the individual and sends the wrong message about Arkansas, as well as the diverse environment which exists in the state,” a Walmart spokesman said in a statement.Apple CEO Tim Cook, referring to the measures in the two states, said in a tweet: “Apple is open for everyone. We are deeply disappointed in Indiana’s new law and calling on Arkansas Gov. To veto the similar HB1228.”The measure passed the Arkansas House in February by a comfortable margin and now goes back to it for consideration of amendments in the Senate version.

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