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Giving back money to shareholders is actually good for minority shareholders. And because Tata Sons holds more than 70% stake, it is the largest beneficiary. Now, TCS is doing well, so it always debatable how else could the company have used the cash in investing more in its existing business or to buy companies.

Turing legacy is deeply entwined in his work in cracking the German Navy use of Enigma, saving an unimaginable number of lives. The fact that Church and Turing made their discoveries independently within a short time show that its a universal truth that would have been discovered even if neither man had lived. Turing work had to be done when it was done to have the impact it did..

Thank you to James for coming to speak with us about marketing and how it is used in his job here at Merrimack. All of the information he shared with us was very interesting and relatable considering he does a lot of work with prospective students online and just last year that was us. I am a marketing major so to see what we do in a classroom setting be taken and applied to actual work outside picks my brain because hopefully one day that will be me.

He always paid in cash. I looked at what he had in his hands and knew it wasn enough and had to tell him. I almost never carry cash but I knew that day there was at least twenty dollars sitting in my car parked just out front in the lot. So I work with whatever it is I am doing in endless amounts until it gets to where it needs to be. I have been asked why I try and live my life limitlessly and my response to this question is I was always told no take the easy way out or you can’t do it. I refuse to let that stop me sure things might not work out the way I plan at first but things never work out the way people plan at first.

It reminds me of that balcony at Lord when Sourav Ganguly swirled his jersey in defiance. This attitude is long overdue, the submissive Indian athlete should have long left the building but the change is still so gradual that for a majority of us it is a novelty. Our hockey team these Olympics may not have reached the medal round but after long their eyes were hungry and for once they were not intimidated by the likes of Germany and Netherlands..

For thestudy,recently published online in the journal Perception, two University of Toronto researchers asked people to rate photos of the faces of100 top nonprofit CEOs all white and male to keep thingsconsistent on four dimensions: Dominance, likability, trustworthiness and maturity, or howbaby faced their features appear. It then grouped dominance and maturity together to create a “power” score for each CEO and combined the other two traitsto judge a CEO’s “warmth.”Separately, itasked another group of participants to judge how well they thought the men in thephotos would be atleadership, based on appearance alone.What they found: Unlike past research linking dominance and the performance for profit CEOs, nonprofit leaderswith the highest “power” ratings were actually linked with less success. In other words, those who looked more likable or trustworthy performedbetter on the nonprofit metrics.

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