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Join a club, fraternity or sorority Making connections is something we have to do in life and as humans we make cliques, we make groups, its what we do. So JOIN A CLUB, any damn club! Most university have a week where you can sign up for something. Don be the guy (or girl) that has no group and no friends, you get depressed and lonely.

Practice eating healthy. Good health is the most important thing in the house that you should attain. Eat healthy diet and make sure your children understand why you are practicing it. Sumpter Township mother Candice Diaz, 24, and her boyfriend, Brad Fields, 28, were charged Saturday in the murder of Diaz’s four year old daughter, Gabrielle Barrett.Video shows the couple being arrested Tuesday after they were tracked down on a highway in Lake Park, Georgia.The ‘mentally ill’ pair are accused in the homicide of the child who died January 1 after she was left in a burning bath while her mother was allegedly making pancakes in the next room.The child was found by police New Year’s Day in the bathroom of a mobile home, where her seared skin was seen in the drain and her big toe fell off from the alleged abuse, officials said.Gabrielle Barrette was found by police New Year’s Day in the bathroom of a mobile home in Michigan. Her seared skin was seen in the drain and her big toe cut off from the alleged abuseCourt documents revealed Gabrielle was found with several burns and bruises covering her body when she was found in cardiac arrest, according to theDetroit Free Press.Diaz claimed she gave the child two separate baths one on New Year’s Eve, which the child allegedly started herself, and one more the next day both of which the child became burned.’The mother claimed she ran Gabrielle’s bath and placed Gabrielle into the tub after she filled the tub halfway,’ a petition filed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services read of her last bath.’The mother then claimed she left Gabrielle alone in the tub and went to the kitchen to make pancakes,’ when the child died.Both Diaz and Fields claim they were diagnosed with several mental illnesses that were not properly treatedDiaz came back and discovered her daughter drowned in the tub. When she pulled her out, she vomited.She then called boyfriend Fields for assistance, who attempted to revive the child with CPR which was a failure.The mother waited nearly 40 minutes before she called 911.Gabrielle died after she was transported to nearby hospital.

I could buy stuff such as peanut butter, jelly, and bread. Then I could eat peanut butter sandwiches once a day; cutting out a trip to Southsideor Flixonce a day. Also, I could never buy cereal at Southside because I could redirect myself and to Wal Mart and buy much larger boxes.

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