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THE ISSUE IS Whether Sections 50C / 56(2)(vii)(b) can be invoked in cases of difference in the rates charged by a builder company from its customers in respect of similar flats. NO is the verdict. 11 exemption to assessee society (having main objects of promoting education by setting up educational institutions) for AY 2010 11, rejects Revenue’s stand that assessee society was running various educational institutions on commercial basis in view of huge surpluses generated over the years; Clarifies that generating surplus year after year is not the deciding factor to determine eligibility u/s 11, “What is relevant to examine is whether the surplus so generated is ploughed back in furthance of its educational objectives and related activities or not.”; Cites SC rulings in VTU, Queens Education Society and CBDT circular 14/2015, notes that over the period of 11 years, assessee society generated surplus of Rs.

After several listens, I was beginning to recognize the words and their meanings in context. I then made the dish and it turned out great!I know this sub focuses on language learning but I have found that to best learn the language, I have to apply it. Force myself to rely on the language and follow directions.

And speaking of something portable look no further than these marvelous headphones that provide good quality at a dirt cheap prices of $5.56. Some users have found the sound quality to wane in the mid pitch ranges though and some find it uncomfortable. In case you want to go for noise cancelling headphones that drone out the surrounding noise on your daily flights go for Bose QuietComfort 15.

1. Select the right person for the job. You select the delegatee for one of two reasons: This individual is best qualified and can deliver the best resultsORThis individual will most benefit from the learning experience of taking on this job. Guys are boring, Peter Laatz, an executive at research firm Repucom, explained to Forbes recently. Is more entertaining and more relevant with the millennial audience. Both on and off the field, then, it looks like a torch is being passed the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton is more than ready to run with it..

But I wanted to keep going, and going. Whish, the barefoot gurus had warned, you should not do. Many converts love it so much that they injure themselves. If most strategy games seem “simple” or “shallow”, you have a ton of fun with Dominions. The graphics are simple, but they kinda need to be since the game was made by like 2 people and there are thousands of units and a ton of spells. I would consider this to be the definitive strategy game, or at least the one with the highest skill ceiling.

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