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If there is a question of narrowing the gap between the haves and the have nots, at least in commerce and industry, I suggest that employees from “the shop floor” up be accorded a share of company profits. The work force is the heart and soul of the operations of any enterprise. There is no value in retaining large profits if it means the internal stability of the company and its power to sustain growth are compromised as they would be if the staff are not adequately rewarded for their efforts.

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KEITH: Right. So there are going to be days and days of hearings and testimony, as well there should be. This is a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land. Design a text only logo to use on your materials. Instead of committing too quickly to a graphical logo or going with an inexpensive logo because of cash flow issues, just lay out your business name in a simple font. You can add a bit of personality with color either through a colored background or applying color to the font directly.

Ongoing win win relationships are very hard to achieve. You can learn why by reading Why is Win Win So Rare? Here, I provide a solution. I believe the best we can do is to create our own success through independence, and set up our businesses and our lives to be open to win win moments.

Several photos of the internal dcor and art of Versailles are to be found on Page 3 of this series. The hill of Montmartre rises130m above the surrounding city, and perched upon the top of it, utterly distinctive in its white travertine limestone glory, is the pimply multi domed basilica of Sacr Coeur the Sacred Heart Church. Construction of the Catholic church began in 1875, and ever since its completion in 1914, Sacr Coeur has been with the Eiffel Tower the most visible of all Paris’s landmarks..

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